2018 Merida English Library Board of Directors

A few months ago we welcomed two new board members to the community. We are so excited to welcome Silvia Zapiain and Fernanda de la Cruz to the MEL Board of Directors. They each bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the library community and we are lucky to have them. Let’s get to know them a little better…

Silvia Zapiain is an educator and artist originally from Mexico City. She holds a Masters Degree in Contemporary Art History from Centro Cultural Casa Lamm in Mexico City. As the daughter of a Mexican diplomat, and later self-proclaimed “gypsy,” she has traveled extensively all her life and lived all over the world (including Monterrey, Mexico, Montreal, Canada, and Houston, Texas). She and her husband chose to move to Merida because of the culture and beauty of the city. She has worked as an educator for over 26 years. In her own words, “After 26 years as an educator, I have come to realize that my true north as a teacher is to inspire others, and art has the power to instill great inspiration in people’s hearts.Some of my most memorable learning and teaching experiences were those that involved some kind of creative process. So, I like to enrich my students’ academic life through the exploration of visual arts and the development of their creative skills. I have always believed that ¨teaching¨is an art. This has been my motto as an educator. Now, I want to make out of “art”, a teaching experience in itself, that will inspire both, my students and myself!

Fer de la Cruz, MA is a Yucatecan poet born in Monterrey, México, in 1971. He was a member of the founding faculty at the School of Creative Writing of the State Center of Fine Arts, in Mérida. He coordinates the historic Mérida branch of Centro de Idiomas del Sureste, where he was a teacher for 21 years. As an independent editor, writer, and cultural consultant ad honorem he participated in cultural festivals, conferences and book fairs in France, Cuba, and the United States, as well as in various states of México. His poetic works appeared in Seven Songs of Silent Singing Fireflies (chapbook, JK Publishing, 2008), Redentora la voz (book, Ayuntamiento de Mérida, 2010), Aliteletras. De la A a la que quieras (book for children, Dante, 2011), and La cuenta regresiva: Radiografía urbana mesozoica (chapbook, satire, El Drenaje, 2012), as well as in literary magazines and anthologies. As a translator of poetry, he has published Aquí/Here, by Jonathan Harrington (JK Publishing, 2011) and Candidates for Sainthood and Other Sinners/Aprendices de santo y otros pecadores, by Don Cellini (Mayappla Press, 2013). He has received 2 national, 2 regional, and 2 state-wide poetry awards. His main passions are poetry (which he often finds in theatre, music, film…), language teaching made fun, and the constant discovery of the flavors, shapes, and depths of human life. His full name is Luis Fernando de la Cruz Herrera, but don´t tell anyone.

We also are saying farewell to board member Deborah Thompson as she resigns after 3 years of faithful service to the Board of Directors.  We are sad to see her go, but she continues to contribute to the library in many ways as a front desk volunteer, a member of the Wine Tasting Committee, and coordinator of the One World-Two Languages program. Whew! Thank you, Deborah for all of your service!

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