One World/Two Languages

The One World/Two Languages collaboration between MEL and UADY pairs UADY students with native speaking English hosts for a minimum of 20 hours on Saturdays over the course of a semester — to expose the students to the accents and idioms of native English speakers and to allow them to polish their English conversational skills. New hosts are needed periodically, so if you are interested, read on!

Here is a little more information about participating in the program:

The 20 hours are for cultural and oral (not written) language exchange and practice.  Students and hosts should be communicating in English only. This is not a formal teaching program.  (Students receive formal English instruction in reading and grammar through their UADY classes.)

Students may not spend the night at host family homes.  Religion and politics are not to be topics of discussion, nor should students be asked to participate in any religious activities, including prayer.  Students should not be given any alcohol or drugs.  Students will be assigned in pairs and your two students may also be in an exchange with another host or hosts.  In that case, each host group would be responsible for 10 hours of exchange time.

The 20 hour requirement might be fulfilled in multiple ways and increments of time: for example, 6 1/2 hours on 3 Saturdays, 4 hours on 5 Saturdays, etc.  Possible activities include but are certainly not limited to:  a visit to a museum, a cemetery, a cultural performance, a Day of the Dead festivity, or your home.  Other examples: sharing a picnic in a park, shopping together, cooking together, playing sports or games together.

Want to be a host?

A meeting of hosts are  held at MEL periodically to answer questions.  Hosts from the prior year will also be able to discuss their experiences together at this meeting.  Hosts may share information with each other through a group like Google Group.

Last year’s hosts and students had a wonderful and meaningful experience together, with both groups learning and sharing.  If you are interested in being a host again this year or in being a new host, please contact Martha Lindley at or Deborah Thompson at

Photos from the winter/spring 2016 Host Families

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