Merida English Library Building Use Policy

In order to have a vibrant community facility, the Merida English Library will offer the use of its building and grounds to individuals and other not-for-profit community organizations who have the support of a MEL member or the Board.

The following guidelines apply:

  1. Use of the building and grounds is limited to hours when the library is not open for regular business.
  2. A request to use the facility must be approved/sponsored by a MEL member or Board Member and approved by the President.
  3. The MEL member or Board Member sponsoring the event must arrange for the opening, staffing and closing of the building.
  4. If the Board chooses to sponsor the event, MEL will promote it through its Newsletter or web pages.
  5. If the event is not sponsored by the Board, the individual or organization is responsible for promoting their own event. They may purchase advertizing in the MEL newsletter.
  6. The cost of the use of the building and grounds is 200 pesos per hour and must be paid in advance of the event.


Merida English Library Smoking Policy

The library and garden area smoke-free environments.


Merida English Library Collection Development Policy

Goals-  To guide collection and withdrawal of the library collection in order to  insure  a diverse collection of materials for the community we serve.

Responsibility- Under the direction of the MEL library board and the library coordinator, the Library Collection Committee (LCC) will work with other volunteers to carry out the policy developed for the library.

General Principles-

  • Library bill of rights:  Basic to this policy is the library Bill of Rights adopted by the American Library Association.  The bill of rights affirms that all libraries are repositories for information and ideas, and that all points of view on current and historical issues are  presented within the limits of funding.
  • Links to other libraries:  Given the limited space and budget of MEL, we encourage links to online specialty libraries and other electronic resources to augment our collection and further our members access to other sources of information
  • Collection criteria: Recognizing we can not meet all needs, the following criteria are used for selection and withdrawal of materials.
    • Popular Interest
    • Local importance
    • Cost and availability
    • Accuracy and currency of information
    • Relationship to existing materials in the collection
    • Patron demand
    • format and ease of use
    • Readability or ability to sustain interest
    • Historical value
    • Adding to popular series

MEL Collection Includes:

  • Popular English reading materials
  • Mexican, meso-American, and South American travel, history, art, archaeology and fiction, with an emphasis on Yucatan and Mayan materials.
  • Non-fiction
  • Biography
  • English children’s fiction and non fiction
  • English young adult fiction and non fiction
  • Limited adult Spanish and English language learning materials
  • Limited hard copy reference materials
  • DVD’s and audio books
  • Magazines
  • Games and puzzles

Material we do not collect:

  • Text books with the exception of limited Spanish and English language learning
  • Workbooks and curricular materials
  • Music
  • Religious material with the exception of key texts from the major religions of the world.

Withdrawal of Materials

Maintenance is a process of re-evaluation to ensure continued usefulness and relevancy of  materials.  Withdrawals can be offered for sale to the public, given to other libraries or non-profit organizations, or offered to the public for free.  Evaluation criteria for withdrawal include:

  • Obsolescence
  • Damage or poor condition
  • Insufficient use (Current policy: if material has not been checked out over a 5-year period)
  • Redundancy
  • Space limitations

Donation Policy

  • MEL accepts all donated library materials in English.  This includes  books, magazines, DVD’s, audio books on CD’s, vertical file information, games and puzzles.
  • MEL also accept donations of money, services and physical items for use in the library such as computers, furniture, etc.
  • MEL does not accept any of the above items if there are conditions placed upon their disposition  and use.
  • MEL does not accept VHS tapes, cassette tapes, music CD’s and other obsolete media.

Once materials are donated to MEL, they become the property of the library and may be used according to the needs of the library.  Materials not added to the collections may be donated to other libraries, sold, given to students or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of the library coordinator.

Funding:  The library collection budget is limited.  We rely almost entirely on donated materials and targeted gifts from benefactors.

Our policy regarding collection gifts include:

  • MEL retains sole ownership of all gifts.
  • MEL decides on the disposition of all gifts to best meet the libraries needs.
  • MEL reserves the right to decide the display, housing and access to all materials.

Responsibility for Childrens’ Access to Library Material  –  Children have access to all materials in the library.  Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the selection of reading materials and electronic viewing habits of their children.

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