New Art Exhibit at MEL

MEL continues its Art in the Library program,  welcoming a new exhibition by painter Elizabeth Saviano. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1955, Elizabeth Saviano is a largely self-taught  painter. Although she has been painting and drawing since childhood, she began working seriously on her art in 2005 and has since shown her work in galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Mexico, and Portugal.  She recently relocated to enjoy her “third age” in Merida after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 40 years.

Prior to developing her career as an artist, Saviano practiced as a women’s health nurse practitioner for 12 years  and then as a health care regulatory attorney for 20 years, while raising two daughters.  In recent years, she has also provided legal services to artists and art businesses through California Lawyers for the Arts.

Saviano works principally with acrylic paint and mixed media. Her overall vision is to create abstract pieces using texture and light, incorporating both organic and architectural forms to acknowledge their co-existence.  She enjoys the physical process, structure, humor and musicality of painting.

‘I want to challenge myself and my audience with my art… but with generosity and humor, “ states Saviano.  She conceived her latest body of work, entitled “When You Come To A Fork In the Road…” as an allegory on the human condition generally, and as a statement about the art world specifically.   Borrowing from the style of the Russian Constructivist from the early 20th century, the work focuses on the use of bold linear forms and a limited, but strong, color palette.  The dominant figure- composed of  geometric shapes in brilliant red – is meant to represent the human form in varied  emotional states-  indecision, bewilderment, sorrow, disappointment, shame, defiance, awe.  “After all, if we are totally honest with ourselves are we not all just perpetually confused,“ says Saviano. “ Don’t we all face at least one dilemma every single day?  The challenge in creating this work was to present what some may deem negative human emotions in a playful way.  The process- well it just happens.  Ideas flow and start to take form.”

Although she is versatile as an artist, Saviano enjoys working in large scale abstract.  The central piece and largest of this series at 4 x 8 feet, entitled “If You Come To A Folk In The Road, Take It”  is based on the famous quote by baseballer, Yogi Berra.  “There is a certain wisdom in this advice. Why struggle with the dilemma of direction?  As one grows older, you begin to understand that there really is no wrong road; you just need to embrace your road.  Or do it all!” says Saviano.

Elizabeth Saviano’s series “When You Come To A Folk In The Road….”  will be on view at MEL from September 5- November 7th.  For more information or to contact the artist see her website


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